“The real theme in this book is responsibility.”

September 30, 2012

The book is out and reviews are extremely mixed. J.K Rowling has written a rather dark story for a new audience which has turned off many of her long-time followers, and at the same time, captured a more mature and life saturated group of readers. I have to say, I’ve become rather intrigued with this book from the buzz that is growing around the new and disruptive qualities that Rowling has explored. The characters of her novel are described as “real” and “raw.” Rowling herself says that not all of them have redeeming qualities.

I listened to Rowling speak about her book on NPR and I find her explanations of the book very refreshing. With magic and fantasy stripped away from the characters, the audience is left to deal with the vulgarity and offensiveness that surrounds the dark nature of real life, and unpleasant human experiences. Rowling taps into her life prior to fame that held her in a lower socioeconomic class and “a life of poverty” as she describes it.
Thanks to Rowling, and many other great authors, I have another book to add to my too-long list of books I MUST read. I’m highly anticipating my own reaction to this novel as I read and listen to the reviews of others. Go ahead and listen to the interview on NPR, it’s well worth it. You can hear the sincerity in her voice as she speaks of how liberated she feels after writing this novel. Especially at the end when she said this: “One of the ways in which I am fortunate is, Harry Potter set me free to write whatever I want to write.” You go girl! I look forward to reading The Casual Vacancy, and the yet to be published, by J.K. Rowling. Author Interview: J.K. Rowling


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