Books + Reading = ?

November 28, 2012

So often I hear other educators saying “How do I incorporate reading in math class?” or “There aren’t any good books out there about math” and I’m sorry friends, but that’s just not true anymore. Are they few and far between? Well, maybe when you compare their popularity with literary fiction and other genres. but listen, engaging stories that incorporate and use mathematics are out there, you just need to be willing to tap into a few resources before you give up searching.


As a caveat, I hope you know that I understand that finding the time to look for books might not be easy, or fun per-say, but it is necessary. That being said, I encourage all you math-minded folks to get connected to some sites that are in-the-know about the latest and greatest books for young readers and find those math books!


So, the reason I bring this up, is not because I’m a math lover (for those of you who know I’ve always struggled with math) but because I can across a great new Top 10 List of Fun Math books written for Nery Books Club by Sue VanHattum. The books are listed beginning with those for the youngest readers to adult readers. VanHattum herself says “give it a chance. You’ll be glad you did.” Additionally, she two other resources for you to check out are listed at the bottom of her post. The first is her personal blog Math Mama Writes, and which is a cite that offers lessons, games, articles, and more. So check them out! And share these resources with those math-people you know, the next time they express discouragement.


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