A New Year’s Resolution for better “book keeping”

January 13, 2013

I know it’s well past the first of the year, and therefore the dust has settled on the hype of newly made resolutions, but it just occurred to me that I hadn’t shared my resolution here where it is likely more relevant than anywhere else!

My mother is an abide reader and reads many more books in a year than I could dream in conquering, and I can remember in my childhood opening a small notebook that was filled with book titles, authors, dates, and 1-5 stars. I once quizzed her to see how we’ll she remembered the books by asking her how she rated it and her memory was spot on. I could go on and on about what that says about a great story and the mark a book leaves on the reader but ill get back to my point. Ever since I began reading significantly I had good intentions of logging the books I read as my mother had done. I’ve never succeeded. THIS YEAR, 2013, I will begin logging my books! I’m hoping that if I start now, it won’t be hard to go back and try to remember three, four, and five books back. So wish me luck!

What are your book/ reading resolutions for 2013?


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