October 11, 2012

First, I have to start by doing a little pondering out loud. In the past, or as a student in grade-school I should say, I never thought much about the term “brainstorming.” We all knew the phrase and could complete the task, but it wasn’t until this post that I really thought about it. I find it fascinating that during a storm, debris and wind fly around in an unorganized mess, and that’s kind of how brainstorming goes. Never the less, I have a really cool resource to share with you all regarding brainstorming. Depending on how your brain works; how you think as you are brainstorming, this might be a new brainstorming format for you.

Wikibrains is a free brainstorming tool used online. In Wikibrains, you start by entering a word or phrase to create your brainstorm web. As you would when brainstorming, you continue to add words or phrases that are connected, thus creating a chain or web of ideas. The cool thing about doing this on a web format, is that the webs generate links to information based on the words you entered. Through a Wikibrains account, you can modify the links that connect the ideas to make more specific paths between ideas. You can also search other Wikibrain accounts for similar webs and use theirs as is or you can modify them to fit what you want. How cool is that?! Go check out Wikibrains to learn more about the possibilities and learning opportunities available through web-based brainstorming. Enjoy!

This was originally posted on the blog: Free Technology for Teachers. And, if you are not following them, you need to be!